Unique Features of this Program

Do you wish you could draw pictures of your loved ones, favorite scenes, or favorite memories? With pbnArtist for Windows, you can convert your favorite photographs into coloring pages, paint-by-number paintings, or cross-stitch projects that you can color, paint, or stitch yourself.

When you create a coloring page or painting, you can:

  • Use crayons, paints, pencils and other artistic media.
  • Create a custom color set from your own favorite media.
  • Select which colors to include
  • Adjust the amount of detail, or difficulty level.
  • Span multiple pages to make really large paintings.

And when you create a cross-stitch project, you can:

  • Use either symbols or color, or both, in your pattern.
  • Adjust the symbol size (no squinting!)
  • Have your pattern span multiple pages, if you prefer.
  • Use any stitch count and project size you wish.
  • Fine-tune the color used for each and every stitch.
  • Use symbols from any font on your computer. Tip: For fun, search the internet for "Free Dingbat Fonts".

Projects made with pbnArtist make great gifts for grandchildren, grandparents, or anybody in your family who loves to draw or stitch! Use your computer to get the kids AWAY from their computers - Make fun projects that the whole family can enjoy!

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